My name is Lydia. I fell in love with the Internet at a tragically early age.

Here are a few of my favorite topics!

• content strategy,
• user research,
• social media in all its glorious forms,
• ethnography and contextual analysis,
• crowdfunding,
• and new publishing models.

I got my start in digital media at age 15, when I was invited to intern at a game design company. I went on to write games for the award-winning White Wolf Game Studio. From there, I branched out into blogs, articles, a few books and general social media mayhem.

I’m constantly fascinated by community dynamics and new publishing models. I’ve spoken about media and communities at many universities, and at South By Southwest Interactive. I’ve also traveled extensively, including Peace Corps service in Swaziland, Africa. But I always figured I’d end up in the Bay Area — so here I am!

I’ve written all kinds of things:

• articles,
• games,
• blogs,
• books,
• ten million tweets,
• copy,
• commentary,
• and clever quips!

Plus, I’ve done all kinds of editorial work and digital strategy consulting!

If you’ve got any questions or comments whatsoever, I’d love to hear from you.


My favorite article from 2015 (so far) was published in the Harvard Business Review. It asks the question, “Can Platform-Publisher Hybrids Survive, Or Will They All Fall Apart?” It discusses the incentives, difficulties and complications of building these hybrids. If you like charts, I made a relevant chart!

My other favorite project from 2015 is a Tumblr called “The Cruelest Opt-Out Forms.” It’s been featured in Buzzfeed and Business Insider, which described me as “one courageous media strategist.”

My favorite article from 2014 was published in The Atlantic, under the title “A More Pseudonymous Internet.” It’s about the value of pseudonyms and anonymity on the Internet. I believe these things are important for a number of cultural and social reasons.

My favorite piece from 2013 is a long report about content marketing called “Brandopolis.” It was commissioned by a digital marketing agency named Distilled. I scoped the project and I did all the research and writing, which was incredibly fun.