Brandopolis: A Big Brand Strategy Report

I spent the summer working on an in-depth report about content marketing and digital media strategy. I’m so pleased to announce that you can read it now!


November 2013

Over the summer, I heard that a marketing agency called Distilled was seeking a journalist to cover the content marketing landscape. My heart was in my throat as I applied: The assignment sounded really interesting! I knew it would give me the chance to do plenty of in-depth research and analysis.

I’m really happy to announce that the results are in! Brandopolis: A Big Brand Strategy Report.

I had a great time working with Distilled, and I’m proud of the results. I read up on lots of major brands’ content strategies, and I interviewed marketers at those brands as well as the agencies they’re working with. I had the chance to sort out some of my thoughts about online media and to explore some questions I’ve been thinking about, like how social networks act in their early phases, and how marketers think about media differently from journalists.
Lydia Laurenson in front of a camera. Photo by Paul Garber
My favorite section of Brandopolis might be Early Adoption Stories, where I discussed what it means for brands to get into certain networks early — and how to systematize that. (But all the sections of Brandopolis are my favorite!)

Special shout-out to Paul Garber and Justin Oliphant at Compound Creative! They helped me in my time of need by recording my Brandopolis promo video. Paul also took this great photo of me in front of the recording camera, and my mother keeps sharing the photo on Facebook. (I love you Mom!)

I got my start in digital media at age 15, when I was invited to intern at a game design company. I went on to write games for White Wolf Game Studio; from there, I branched out into blogs, articles, a few books, and general social media mayhem. I have spoken at universities across America and at South By Southwest Interactive. I have also traveled extensively, including Peace Corps service in Swaziland, Africa.

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