Feel free to drop me a line anytime with comments, questions, or if you’d like to hire me! I’m always interested to hear about your ideas. As of mid-2016, here are some current interests, but feel free to contact me even if your project doesn’t fit these categories:

Thought leadership — I’ve built thought leadership in multiple domains both for myself, and for many clients

High-quality social networks, interest networks, and expert networks — I’ve worked on a number of social networks intended to create a “higher-quality” experience, stronger connections among members, networks around specific interests, or communities with members at a high level of expertise

Virtual and augmented reality — within these realms I’m excited about emerging social tools, content creation tools, and experiences that change users’ sense of awareness or consciousness

Immersive theatre and participatory design — for more about that, I maintain Facebook album of experiences I’ve observed and material I’ve written