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In which Lydia shares the latest news, mid-2016.

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September 2016

Last year, I announced that I’d joined a small, amazing journalism company full-time: News Deeply. News Deeply was a beloved client before I joined full-time — and now, once again, the company is a beloved client! I’ve transitioned into being an advisor and consultant for the company, with much love all around.

Love Deeply rockThis heart-shaped rock belongs to Lara Setrakian, the founder of News Deeply, and it truly encapsulates the spirit of the company. This may sound campy, but I actually can’t express how grateful I am for the time that I spent on that team, pursuing my life’s work by developing ND’s user research processes and other elements of their technical media strategy.

I’m continuing to work on some projects for News Deeply, as well as other clients. Here are some areas of specific interest for me right now:

Thought leadership — I’ve built thought leadership in multiple domains, both for myself and for clients

High-quality social networks, interest networks, and expert networks — I’ve worked on a number of social networks intended to create a “higher-quality” experience, stronger connections among members, networks around specific interests, or communities with members at a high level of expertise

Virtual and augmented reality — within these realms I’m excited about emerging social tools, content creation tools, and experiences that change users’ sense of awareness or consciousness

Immersive theatre and participatory design — for more about that, I maintain a Facebook album of experiences I’ve observed and material I’ve written

As always, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

I got my start in digital media at age 15, when I was invited to intern at a game design company. I went on to write games for White Wolf Game Studio; from there, I branched out into blogs, articles, a few books, and general social media mayhem. I have spoken at universities across America and at South By Southwest Interactive. I have also traveled extensively, including Peace Corps service in Swaziland, Africa.

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